Reading List - The Big Sleep by Patrick Pound

This 80pp casebound photo book shows images of people and animals in tranquil repose from a collection by artist Patrick Pound titled The Big Sleep. The found images are actually a subset of a broader collection of Pound’s called People Who Look Dead But (Probably) Aren’t. The book also features an essay about the project by Daniel Palmer. When asked to describe his collections of found photography to the Guardian newspaper, Pound jokingly replied “My work has the look of being made by someone who, having tried to explain the world and having failed, has been reduced to collecting it.”


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Ellsworth Kelly: Abstraction in ‘‘Austin’’

This December marks the third anniversary of Ellsworth Kelly’s death. The great artist’s legacy remains - he is one of the greatest exponents of colour and minimalism in the modern era. And this year, that legacy became stronger with the opening of his first and only ever building ‘‘Austin.’’

Opened in February 2018 on the grounds of the University of Texas, ‘‘Austin’’ is one of Kelly’s final pieces of work. That it’s Kelly’s cannot be mistaken - geometric shapes used for abstraction, a collection of primary, secondary and tertiary colours and the use of light and shadows for maximum affect are all traits of the artist’s work.

Pictures of its interior are rare, but granite floors, black and white marble panels and the use of cavernous spaces all make for astonishing viewing - with the reflections transporting the mind to another universe (so visitor’s say).

As with all of Kelly’s work (see below) it’s beauty is in its perceived simplicity, and this is a fitting finale to a great artist’s life. If you’re in Texas anytime soon, do yourself a favour and pay ‘‘Austin’’ a visit.

Photos 1 and 3 of ‘‘Austin’’ courtesy of Victoria Sambunaris. Other artists unknown.