Sleep Talk With Rebecca Chua ... One Half of Chuchu

What do you usually do Monday to Friday? (what do you do for a living)
I juggle being an engineer, Lauren an architect by day and potters by night.  I am in Sydney where our company and first love, Chuchu was born two years ago, and Lauren has moved to London with plans to bring our wares to the north side!

What time do you go to bed? And get up?
I sleep pretty much as soon as I get home from the studio and wake up super early to go for a walk, jog, swim, anything to keep my mind active which I believe is really important for any creative career.

Do you think you get enough sleep?
Is there such a thing?

Do you remember your dreams?
Rarely! Although I have a couple of vivid nightmares of people breaking our pots.

Do you use an alarm? If so, does it ever change?
My phone doubles as my alarm clock. It changes every day and a strange habit of mine is to set it to an odd numbered time like 6:13am.  I don't understand it myself!

In three words, how would you describe your bedroom?
Bec: Cozy, peaceful, white.

Do you live on your own?
Nope, I live with my husband aka Chuchu’s accountant, personal driver, business advisor and logistics consultant.

Do you have anything to help you get to sleep?
At least two cups of tea in Chuchuwares (and a sneaky piece or two or three of chocolate) before bed every night.

What is the first thing you do in the morning?
Check Instagram. Sad I know, but it’s such a great platform for creatives to get together and I love seeing what people on the other side of the world have been making while I sleep!

What is for breakfast?
Sourdough toast with Vegemite and avocado.

When do you think you are most productive?
I am most productive when I know I need to leave the studio.

Is there anything exciting coming up for you?
With Chuchu, always! We have recently partnered with an amazing restaurant in Sydney, Bentley Restaurant and Bar and have started collaborating with them designing wares.  So watch out for more cool plates and delicious food photographs soon.  Lauren is also visiting Sydney early next year and we are super excited about making pots and brainstorming ideas for year three of Chuchu together.

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Portrait and studio photography by
Erika Rax