How to wash your linen:
- Wash your Scottie on a temperature of 30-40 degrees.
- French flax linen can be washed often, it becomes very soft and lovely.
- Every few months, wash your linen in lukewarm water, without detergent. This just helps rinse all the loose fibres and trapped detergents that settle in the fabric.
- We highly recommend that you use an environmentally friendly laundry detergent and fabric softener to make your linen to feel extra delightful. 

How to dry:
In the Summer, use the good old washing line. Naturally drying your linen outside leaves it nearly wrinkle-free and smelling fresh. The washing line is free, good for the environment, and generally helps the world go round.

In the Winter, you might want to consider using a dryer. Set your dryer on the air cycle or a low heat. Do not over dry your linens by using a dryer setting that is too hot (they will shrink 3-4%, and dis-colour). 

It is important to take them straight out of the dryer as soon as the cycle finishes. Fold them, or pop them back on the bed to reduce wrinkles.

How to iron:
Iron your Scottie linen when it is slightly damp for best results. Iron inside out, with the iron set at a warm temperature.

Stone washed & pre-shrunk:
Scottie Store linen has been stone washed which makes the fibres very soft. Before it goes into your home, we pre-shrink the linen as much as possible - just so you don’t do it yourself. Accidentally washing your linen incorrectly, or putting it in the dryer on high, will shrink it an extra 4-5%. 

Do not dry-clean:
Not for 100% linen

Harsh chemicals:
Be aware that some chemicals can discolour your linen. Do not use bleaching agents, and be careful of strong skin products such as fake tan and acne ointment that can discolour your linen.

Good for people with allergies:
French linen is known to be kind to people with allergies. Due to the fabric having a distinctly loose weave, dust can’t hide in the fabric. Leaving the fabric very clean and airy to sleep in.